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Professional Manufacturer of Custom Wire Harness, Cable Assembly
And Connector Supplier.

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        Established in 1990, Wire Home Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wire and wire processing plants for electronic wiring, energy wiring, connectors, cable assembly and communication transmission wires. It has always been our constant insistence on quality, efficiency and service.

        Our products are widely used in all kinds of electronic parts, computer wire, motor equipment, power supply, kitchen bath lamps, home appliances, display internal communication, green energy and its peripheral products.

   For more than 20 years, we have served and established a foundation for our customer base, and strengthened the integration of all aspects of technical capabilities.

Through the high-quality adherence to the EU RoHS regulations, the parts are imported into the RoHS-compliant lead-free process and obtained UL and ISO9001 certification.


   Through continuous accumulation of manufacturing experience, we can also receive ODM / OEM services, providing customers with real prices, excellent quality and a small variety of fast, customized production delivery services.

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TEL: +886-2-8686-1368
FAX: +886-2-8686-1360

No. 33, Lane 269, Zhenqian Street, Shulin District, New Taipei City,Taiwan 台灣新北市

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